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Lava Heat Italia is world renowned for it's innovative design and quality craftsmanship. No other outdoor heater will offer a 10 year warranty nor will they provide the flame illusion effect or stylish functionality of a genuine Lava Heater.
As our popularity has grown so has our product line. We now offer the Lava Heat 2G which provides up to 61K BTU - this is an improvement from the original Lava Heat models which only provided 41K BTU so you now get almost 30% more heat from the 2G model for the same amount of money as the original model. The 2G Lava Heater towers over the completion and stands at just under 8 feet tall with full Remote capabilities.
A new offering is also our Lava Heat Italia "Opus" model which offers refined styling in a circular design and stands at 6.5 feet so it can fit into areas with less overhead clearance.
All our Lava Heat Italia models are set up to use Propane and have a compartment inside the base of the Lava Heater unit to conceal the propane tank out of site.
You may also order any Lava Heater to work with Natural Gas - This will require a conversion that is done by the manufacturer at a cost of $200 per unit.
Our units are delivered 99% assembled so when you receive you Lava Heat Italia Lava Heater you simply attach the top heat reflector with 3 wing nuts that are provided, add batteries for remote and igniter, connect your propane tank and your ready to enjoy - No tools required.

Proudly Servicing

• Hotels, Casinos and Resorts
• Restaurants & Café Houses
• Bars, Night Clubs, Outdoor Lounges
• Events – Special Occasions
• Outdoor Party/Event Rentals
• Shopping Malls
• Recreational Parks
• Church / Temple
• Furniture and Patio Vendors
• Home & Garden Vendors
• And more...

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